From Ad week comes new tips on what makes consumers click on your display ad. Did you know that consumers spend 28% of the time they consume media on the Internet? Yet  most advertisers spend only 15% of their budgets online, according to AdKeeper. Closing that gap should become a priority for advertisers. Why? so your portfolio of media advertising includes reaching consumers online mroe effectivley.

Consumers are Spending on home improvement again-  it's time to talk to them and differentiate your brand. But there's several traps most contractors fall into without even realizing it. These mistakes show up when you are thinking about what YOU would like to hear in a commercial about your company. What contractors often forget is that consumers have heard the same tired things about home improvemeny companies so often, and for so many years, they tune out all the great things you want to say about your's the top 5 mistakes to avoid.


I've been working in the media advertising world for some years now, helping clients maximize their brand recall with commercial jingles, creative ad campaigns and strategic marketing plans.  But on the inside I've always felt 17 in my head. Like most of us- time flies, you have kids, and next thing you know you're looking in the mirror and spot a little grey hair. Then to complete the insult, you discover you're on the back end of the highly desirable 25-54 target many advertisers seek! This cannot be.

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