When Celebrities do an interview, they often are hoping to promote a project, a book, or an event they're involved in. That's where our "CELEB-BUZZ" entertainment and marketing feature has been very successful, Steve Garland is not only CEO of SGM  Advertising, and lead Marketing Strategist, he's also a veteran broadcaster who's interviewed hundreds of musicians and celebrities from the legendary George Burns and classic TV stars to rock legends like Grace Slick, Van Halen and even the beatles FIRST drummer, Pete Best.

I found a very interesting article that was very timely, as it has come up in client conversations a lot this past year. HOW do you expand your customer base? Many of these clients had databases that were gathering dust, because they simply didn’t have the time to organize and use them to talk existing customers and untapped leads you’ve collected. Who has that kind of time? I’ll tell you who- nobody! However you’re not alone in worrying about expanding your customer base.

Many people talk about branding their business, but here’s a big secret- most marketing people AND business owners could stand to spend a little more time learning more about what branding really means. After creating branding jingles and ad campaigns for over 20 years, and a dozen “Addy” industry awards later, I’ve developed a reputation for helping clients build a stronger brand and my “10 steps to creating a kickass brand”!  Even successful companies need a re-branding effort from time to time, so we’re not talking to just small business owners here.

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