We do the hard work for you.

We'll help you define your goals and objectives, discover your differentiation point, and develop a winning custom ad campaign to fit your needs and budget. If those are all well in place, we can work on your creative and your media buys to increase lead generation and brand recall. If you need a fresh marketing analysis of where you are vs. your competitors and how to beat them, we have a one on one marketing workshop available. Whether it’s a powerful Google Adwords campaign you need to increase your lead generation, or Ad Agency style creative, jingle for branding and a media buy on the best stations in your area, we do the hard work and use our proven methods to get you the best campaign and results possible.


We can help develop your Company's USP- "Unique selling proposition", and tell your story to consumers in a way that's engaging and entertaining, with higher brand awareness and lead generation. We've won our share of awards doing just that.
We can help you formulate a winning marketing strategy to maximize the effectiveness of your marketing budget, find the right media channels to reach your prospects, and create a matching SEM ad campaign to put you on top of search engine leads.
We leverage our experience as media buyers and connections in the industry to get you the best possible rates, times, and media buys- for Radio, TV advertisement, Cable, and Digital- in any market. We manage your ad campaigns, and we track your ROI.

A fully integrated marketing campaign

Although we believe radio is the best ROI medium and most cost effective choice- there are times when expanding your marketing channels to include TV can be a good strategy to enhance what you are doing with Radio and Digital. With the high DVR rate on TV, you lose a lot of viewers from the fast forwarding of commercials- that’s why a strong visual campaign with a strategic and cost effective media buy is something we recommend only to clients who are already well known, and have a current media strategy for radio well in place. We can target specific audiences for your brand with our strategic marketing skills with media buys on everything from Radio, Digital (Google Adwords, retargeting geo-fencing display ads, LIVE CHAT, etc.), Video production for TV, whiteboard animation, website development, social media and more.
We develop marketing campaigns that improve and optimize your brand across both online and conventional platforms. Most important-our campaigns will dramatically increase your lead generation and consumer brand awareness in your market!


Media buying

Want the best stations and the best rates for your ads? We manage millions in ad dollars each year, and have the negotiating power and experience to help you choose the right media, negotiate the best rates, and get you the most cost efficient and effective ad campaigns.

Marketing plans

We know how to assess your company's brand, define your differentiation point, and build a marketing plan across multiple channels to reach the consumers you need. We'll build your marketing roadmap, write the creative, produce it, and do the media buys - but it all starts with a plan.

Brand development

How's your brand doing? We offer a S.W.O.T. analysis of strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, to help you figure out where your brand is in your competitive market. With our creative team, we can help you sharpen your brand identity and increase your brand recall with consumers.

Script writing

We've created literally thousands of scripts for our clients, from funny, to entertaining, high energy to warm and trusting.  We know how to sell the benefits of your business, your brand, what makes you different, and create a call to action that generates leads.


Unlike other Ad Agencies, we produce all our Radio, Jingles and TV commercials in-house. With  Eleven "Best commercial" ADDY AWARDS, our production will make your radio commercials sound amazing, and TV spots look like a national ad.


Radio continues to be one of the single most effective mediums we use.  As your Ad Agency, we will help you choose the best stations, negotiate annual media buys, traffic all the
commercials, double check your billing and  manage your account every month.


For TV or online Video, we got you covered. We negotiate your TV media buys, help you choose from broadcast or cable. Our video crew creates memorable TV commercials, web videos, and entertaining "Off the Rack" commercials for the home improvement industry.


We create and manage highly successful GOOGLE ADWORDS/Pay Per Click campaigns. Your keyword searches will rank higher, and generate more leads with us. We also offer "LIVE CHAT" service for your website, along with Display Ads and Graphics for key clients.


We've produced over 200 commercial jingles now heard in markets across the country. We have a successful formula for creating Jingles that help make your brand more memorable, and get consumers singing your company name.

Stu Nelson
Founder, Co-owner
Barebones Workwear
"Every aspect of the Advertising- from the copy, production, jingle, media buys and execution increased business and has driven traffic to our stores. Your efforts, creativity and resourcefulness are really paying off!"

We can help.

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