Many people talk about branding their business, but here’s a big secret- most marketing people AND business owners could stand to spend a little more time learning more about what branding really means. After creating branding jingles and ad campaigns for over 20 years, and a dozen “Addy” industry awards later, I’ve developed a reputation for helping clients build a stronger brand and my “10 steps to creating a kickass brand”!  Even successful companies need a re-branding effort from time to time, so we’re not talking to just small business owners here.

Want a Pest Control Termite Advertising strategy that will make your phone ring off the hook? Listen to our TERMITE LOVE Radio and digital campaign, available in time for TERMITE SEASON MARKETING from SGM Advertising. 

There's so many different types of marketing you COULD be doing, it can be very challenging, confusining and frustrating. Do you trust your website builder to do it, or that smart young office assistant, or that big ad agency that keeps calling- or those young kids from that digital company- the guys that seem like they just got their driver's license last week? 

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