If your company is under 1.5 Million dollars gross revenue a year, and you’ve been frustrated by the high cost of SEM -also known as Pay Per Click PPC and Google Adwords?  Trending shows that a growing percentage of small businesses are turning back to the “Slow and Steady” success of SEO. Larger companies of course spend money on BOTH SEO and SEM, and we provide both services. But if you just can’t afford SEM yet, is SEO a valuable alternative?


Training your customer service team often includes getting them to follow a script. But what about a little extra training, so when they go off the script and start selling- they use the right “hot button words” that helps WOW consumers? As a marketing company, we deliver clients to your doorstep- to your website, to call your number- but then it’s up to your service and sales team to close the deal.

When Celebrities do an interview, they often are hoping to promote a project, a book, or an event they're involved in. That's where our "CELEB-BUZZ" entertainment and marketing feature has been very successful, Steve Garland is not only CEO of SGM  Advertising, and lead Marketing Strategist, he's also a veteran broadcaster who's interviewed hundreds of musicians and celebrities from the legendary George Burns and classic TV stars to rock legends like Grace Slick, Van Halen and even the beatles FIRST drummer, Pete Best.

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