5 big mistakes to avoid in Home Improvement advertising!

Consumers are Spending on home improvement again-  it's time to talk to them and differentiate your brand. But there's several traps most contractors fall into without even realizing it. These mistakes show up when you are thinking about what YOU would like to hear in a commercial about your company. What contractors often forget is that consumers have heard the same tired things about home improvemeny companies so often, and for so many years, they tune out all the great things you want to say about your company...here's the top 5 mistakes to avoid.


1)  We've been in business since_______.  

That's a point of pride, and a good one. BUT from the consumer's point of view, this doesn't solve a problem for them. They don't care. Unless you are having an anniversary and some kind of celebration, pass on this one.

2) Family Owned

Also a nice warm, welcoming thought. BUT- isn't every business owned or run by a family, somewhere? It used to be a differentiation point, but its been overused and now people tune it out. Another "Who Cares" for most people. 

3) Friendly Service

If you can use the line  "WELL I HOPE SO" after a sales statement, then it's a good bet you should not use it. What did they expect, un-friendly service?? Lose this one.

4) Reliable

Again, try saying "WELL I HOPE SO" after that. If your claim is actually a basic requirement for being in the business you're in, than don't say it. 

5) Sale ends soon!

A sale that is ending soon is so vague, it's like worrying that 7-11 is going to close before you get there. Doesn't happen. If you need a sales tag, give an exact date. People like it when you are more specific about offers. 

There a thousands of boring ads that we all tune out, like the adults in a Charlie Brown cartoon, we hear "blah-blah-blah". Don't let YOURS be one of them! For home improvement especially- from plumbing, to HVAC, pest control, and even flooring, consumers are a little afraid because they don't know what the value is of what you are offering them. They rarely know if your price is good or way too high. That creates fear. So when you craft your commercials, your real goal is to get the consumer to remember just 2 things. Remember your Brand, and the benefits of using your brand. Everything else is icing on the cake. If you can get them to remember your brand, that's Mindshare- and Mind share = Market share. This way if they don't ned your service now, they will remember you when they do. And, the benefits of your service/product are important as the call to action for consumers farther down the funnel, who may need you now or in the near future. 

Finally, entertain them. Make the scripts clever. In some cases make them funny. Make them feel an emotion- because radio have the ability to make people feel- and if you can do that in any small way in your ads, that's one more stap towards the brand recall, and call to action strategy success you need!

No one listens to a commercial that uses "burnt" words. Overused, worn out, run of the mill. Even if you have to say the same thing -word it differently, more creatively, and it will stick better in the consumers mind.


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