How to make effective digital display ads

From Ad week comes new tips on what makes consumers click on your display ad. Did you know that consumers spend 28% of the time they consume media on the Internet? Yet  most advertisers spend only 15% of their budgets online, according to AdKeeper. Closing that gap should become a priority for advertisers. Why? so your portfolio of media advertising includes reaching consumers online mroe effectivley.

Here's the report: 
When Internet users participating in the study asked what would get them to click on ads, 17% admit if it didn't interrupt their browsing experience; 9%, seeing an ad from a brand they trust; 9%, seeing targeted and interesting ads; and 7%, ads with coupons or targeted discount codes.

AdKeeper suggests designing ads that allow the Internet user to learn about products or services without leaving the Web site page. The company also suggests building in relevant messages. Give consumers reason to trust the message and give them time to engage with the message on their terms.      (Source: Online Media Daily,and Radio online) 

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