Is Your Business Utilizing Social Proof?

You’ve almost undoubtedly heard of the bandwagon effect: the social psychology phenomenon that people are more likely to do something that they see others engaging in. This concept ties in with the idea of social proof, an important fundamental for building public trust and interest in your business.

When you think of social proof, you may think of a few obvious examples, like online reviews and word of mouth, but there are many more ways to utilize social proof to increase your conversions. Going beyond regular reviews, think bigger: featured customer testimonials and case studies, seals of approval or certifications from respected organizations, or even celebrity endorsements - even a small local celebrity or online brand ambassador - can help raise your company’s public image through social proof.

People aren’t the only resource you should look to in building social proof with potential customers - impressive, quantifiable data can be just as effective. Brainstorm the numbers that would best demonstrate your company’s social proof. Have you serviced an impressive amount of customers? Has your company operated for a notable amount of time? Anything that demonstrates the breadth and experience of your company will build your social proof.

You can utilize these elements to make strong first impressions on potential customers, and set yourself apart from competitors. Displaying a positive customer testimonial, total amount of customers served, or impressive qualifications on the front page of your business’s website in an eye-catching way is an effective way to immediately display social proof for your company. You can also work these elements into your value propositions, using statements like: “join 10,000 satisfied customers today” or “use the business endorsed by experts.”

Utilizing these strategies will help your company tap into the basic human instinct to follow what others are doing, build trust, and improve your conversions!

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